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Plastic Mould

The underlying concept of plastic moulding is placing liquid polymer into a hollow mould so that the polymer can take its shape, often with various ranges of pressure and heat required.

PVC and CPVC Moulds

PVC can be used for a wide number  of applications, while CPVC is mostly used for hot and cold water  pipes, as well as  industrial liquid handling. PVC is less ductile, while CPVC offers greater strength and flexibility.


Cap Closer

screw closure is a mechanical device which is screwed on and off of a threaded “finish” on a container. Either continuous threads (C-T) or lugs are used. Plastic caps may use several types of molded polymer.

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Industrial Product

We make industrial mould as per requirement

Gear mouls

Plastic helical gears, such as pinions, are made of extruded stock, and machined in the same way.

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Here Not only make moulds they also give me suggestion of How show your product in the market.

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In the DG-TECH Staff are so comparative they Always Done work within on time There is no compromise in quality

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About us

An ISO 9001-2015 Certified Organization located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, We establish in the year of 2014  & we are into this industry since last 15 years and since than consistently manufacturing best quality of moulds for our esteems customers. Our goal is to manufacture moulds, which will attract customers & fulfill their requirement.Our employee is an Expert Professional Mould Maker & we are using advance machines to manufacture different kind of moulds. Our entire employee technically sounded and they are expert with their job, they are putting their constant efforts to deliver more than customer expectations. We have implemented standard quality checks in our organization to provide best quality of moulds to our customers. We are committed towards our work and deliver best result to our esteems customers.


Quality Assurance


We being Quality conscious always endeavor to excel in quality standards. We use high quality machineries to build moulds. Each of our moulds is confirming to all Quality Standards and meeting all the parameters for ultimate performance. We believe in high business ethical values and commitment.

Company established in 2014 with perception of development and to create a benchmark in Mould Manufacturing Industry by maintaining QUALITY, SPEED & SERVICES with most advanced Hi-tech Technology with super mechanized system and Innovative concepts to lead the market

DG-Tech are also engaged in developing the wide range of Innovative PVC moulds, Which are manufactured under precision conditions through automated and Hi-Tech Machines. With the aim to achieve and exceed customer expectations our team strives for continuous improvement in our systems of services and quality control by adopting modern technology and enhancing competence of our people. We are committed to improve the quality of our Moulds through Hi- Tech technology & up-gradation and services.

The moulds developed by the company has its own designs and patterns, which lead to market by its Quality and performance in operation, the market reach of DG-Tech moulds extends to every corner of the county. DG-Tech brand has established a formidable credibility and is associated with high quality, state of the art technology and exemplary services.

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